Do you feel anxious about your career and don't have enough time for your health and family?


Don't worry. These problems often have clear causes. Together, we can find out what they are and eliminate them.

As a Professional in the Music Industry, I have worked firsthand with people suffering from the issues of anxiety, as well as the overwhelming state of work / life / and emotional imbalance. Hi I'm Allie and I empower Musicians and Music Industry Professionals who struggle with career confusion and feel lost or stuck in the Music Industry to find and claim their authentic purposeful musical career path so they can make money doing something they love.

You can escape the anxiety and overwhelm

My Passion Is Helping People Create Balance In Their Lives


Jack Canfield

"Allie's passion is inspiring and encouraging others and Allie has the tools to create lasting change for you ." Jack Canfield, International Best Selling Author, Success Principles and Chicken Soup for the Soul




I Know it sounds simple, but your mind is the key to your sustained success.  Most people are held back by their own limiting beliefs and trapped in a cycle of negative self-talk.  The negativity and fear can be consuming. I left home at a young age to escape an alcoholic mother and abusive home environment and ended up in a one-room shack in Hollywood, CA with no more than my wits and my background in music to survive. I felt trapped and worthless. I decided it was time to take charge and to face my fear.  It became apparent that I needed to begin to apply new strategies in my own life or lose myself in an endless state of overwhelm. I went from being broke, unhealthy and scared to becoming an award-winning singer/songwriter, having my song selected as the theme song for a movie soundtrack, becoming an Author and the Founder of a Successful International Music Magazine.

 I turned to the amazing power of Mindset.  

Today, as a Best Selling Author, Successful Life Coach, Speaker and Entrepreneur I have the privilege of helping others get their lives back on track. I have a partner, who is my amazing soul mate and co-founder of our International Music Magazine and Media Company. After losing a dear friend to suicide in the music industry, I  became passionate about helping music industry professionals alleviate their anxiety and find their emotional balance to get their work / life / physical health and emotional health back on track. I am the founder and CEO of Strength Thru Music  - a Musicians Network to promote Emotional Health Awareness and Time Management Solution, a Time and Life Management program that has helped musicians get their lives back. 

I’ve made it my personal mission to empower people to rise above their self doubt, and create a life they truly love. Let me help you get your power back.

Allie Jorgensen -Time Management Specialist Reveals The 7 Secrets To Effective Time Management

As a Guest Author in Jack Canfield's New Book, Success Strategies, Allie takes you through the steps to help you break free from the overwhelm and anxiety in your life and create a work / life / and emotional balance to get your life back on track - JACK CANFIELD'S SUCCESS STRATEGIES -           Available now on AMAZON!


In my new E-book, I share the top 5 issues that we face as Business Owners and Entrepreneurs. They are the most powerful mistakes we make and they can hold us back from true success.  Join me and discover if any of these mistakes are holding you back and what you can do immediately to remedy the situation.




About Allie

Allie Jorgensen is passionate about helping Music Industry Professionals find balance in their lives -Work, Life and Emotional Balance and Creating Emotional Health Awareness and E.I. (Emotional Intelligence)

Allie Jorgensen

Allie Jorgensen is a Best Selling Author - Founder and CEO of Strength Thru Music (Musicians Network) - CEO of an International Music Magazine - Time Management Specialist - Founder and CEO of Time Management Solution an  Emotional Health Awareness, Time Management and Life Management System for the Music Industry ( - A "Stop The Negative Self Talk" Speaker, as well as Confidence, Success Strategies and Life Management Speaker - Success and Life Coach and NLP Practitioner 

Founder and CEO Of Strength Thru Music - Musicians Network

Allie Jorgensen

 Allie created Strength Thru Music and Time Management Solution for touring Musicians and Music Industry Professionals 

Founder and CEO of Time Management Solution (

Allie Jorgensen and Rob Halford

Exclusive Emotional Health and Life Management System for the Music Industry 

Allie is a featured Guest Author in Jack Canfield's (Success Principles and Chicken Soup For The Soul) New Book "Success Strategies." Allie lost a dear friend to Suicide in the Music Industry and this life changing event prompted her to create Strength Thru Music, a Musicians Network and she also created Time Management Solution a Life Changing Emotional Health Awareness, Time and Life Management System to help people in the Music Industry take back control of their emotional health, their schedules and their lives.

"You Can Stop The Negative Self-Talk and Have the Confidence to Get Your Life Back."

Certified Trainer, Speaker and Success Coach

Allie Jorgensen also works in Education as a National Certified Trainer for Student Engagement and Student Motivation in Classrooms as well as Classroom Management Training for Teachers, Schools and Districts - VISIT MY EDUCATION PAGE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT TRAINING FOR SCHOOLS

Keynote Speaker for Conferences and Seminars on ways to increase Emotional Health Awareness and with proven tools and techniques to help reduce stress and anxiety and to break through the barriers to create real success and optimum Work/Life Balance

Personal and Transformational Life Coaching working with Music and Entertainment industries focusing on Emotional Health, Career and Life Balance.